back in black, cliche (but it’s ok)

And so I’m back in action! After a brief… half year hiatus, I’m back to creating content and I’m more motivated and ready to get on it than ever. This isn’t just because, I have time now or I’ve been shopping and I’m just totally feeling myself. Rather, I’ve found that it’s important to feed … Continue Reading

Free People fall feels 

At this point you should know how much I adore alliteration and I couldn’t let this chance slip away, hence the title of this post. It’s finally fall and as the world’s most hot natured person (yet another reason I love layering), if I’m doing long sleeves, I have to do shorts, or if I’m … Continue Reading

rad around Raleigh

Well, we’re in the heat of summer (pun intended) and I’m wishing it was fall already. My love for neutrals and dark colors doesn’t change with the season, so I’m most likely wearing black, charcoal, or in this case, browns, greys and taupe. I’m also a layering lover with no discrimination based on the season, … Continue Reading

RadRightNow: midi ring stacks 

Midi rings and all their glory. These little babes have been on my radar a few years now and are just finally making their way to the mainstream brands and boutiques we all know and love. Now, I know these can be strange to get used to, but once you wear them, you’ll feel the … Continue Reading

watercolor, marble & ombré, oh my!

This is my version of fun spring colors: greys, lavender, purple, and maybe even a hint of pink. After falling for this print when it came out of the box at fab’rik, I couldn’t help but try it on. Of course it was perfectly flowy, oversized, and mostly neutral; a dream come true that I … Continue Reading