Midi rings and all their glory. These little babes have been on my radar a few years now and are just finally making their way to the mainstream brands and boutiques we all know and love. Now, I know these can be strange to get used to, but once you wear them, you’ll feel the badass-ness and realize their power. While statement rings and simple bands look nice, there’s just something about giving that inch or so at the other end of your finger some stellar style and love. A hand full of rings no longer means the same thing it did years ago. For a fully stacked hand, you must embrace and adapt to the midi-ring fad.

I tend to migrate towards the thinner gold bands which accent my unfortunately chubby sausage fingers (thanks for the great hand genetics, Dad). For a longer, dainty look, use just one or two to accent the middle knuckle on a few fingers. Yes, you can midi it up on a finger with a regular ring; that’s the thing about stacking, the more the better.

No matter if you have beautifully-shaped nail beds and an amazing paint job, or a less than pristine paint job with square stubby nail beds (like myself), you can be a midi ring babe, and here’s some guidance:

Start off your midi collection with some simple gold or silver bands. You can find some great starter rings at Forever 21 like this set. Once you’ve gotten down the simple stacks, try moving on to some different and sassy sets. The next step is adding some larger and more complex and fun rings to your stacks of simple gold bands. Now you have free range to mix and match to your hearts desire! Don’t forget to wear your favorite regular rings for a fully loaded stellar ring stack.

Want some more options of midi ring sets I’m digging right now? Check out these guys below and then head to my Pinterest board (Stellar Stackables) for some styling ideas.

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Well babes, bells are back and coming in full-force. Whether it be sleeves or pant legs, they’re here and here to stay for a while it seems. Let’s note the amazing things that this trend does for us all:

  • Flared jeans and bell bottoms make our legs look like twigs (yay)
  • Bell sleeves make us feel dramatic and sassy (& occasionally witchy)
  • Both are best in an exaggerated manner which we LOVE the flare (pun intended)
  • Both are typically super flattering when worn correctly for your body type

I love to pair fitted ribbed tops with my flared denim or a distressed skinny jean with my bell sleeves. I’ll have to admit, bell sleeved tops aren’t in abundance in my closet, and they’re on my wish list big time right now. I have two amazing pairs of super flared denim and one pair of jersey bell bottoms I love to pieces, so much that literally they’re beginning to wear out. Time for some new rad pants?! Okay, fine, if I have to…said Meredith, never.

Shop my fave bells below. 

And no, I'm not talking about the character opposite Wallace or about curtains. Although for some of you they may have made their big debut hanging above your windows in the living room, these little metal rings have finally come to their full potential as they adorn the outfits of all our favorite edgy brands.

I know when I first saw the grommet-rimmed collar on a high-neck top online, I was taken back to the pair of denim shorts I had in middle school which laced up, through tiny metal grommets. I'm almost positive that they were from Limited Too (RIP by the way) and I thought at one point they were the coolest thing ever. Shortly after, the lace up trend faded along with the grommets and I wouldn't have been caught dead in either. For some reason though, instead of horrified when I saw this high-neck top, I stopped scrolling and stared for a moment. Yes, fashion is cyclical, but no, I did not expect to see this trend back around so soon.

Let us all embrace this funky trend and use it for more than just the soon-to-be overdone lace up trend. Let's rock them on our blouses, skirts, and booties; heck, even our cocktail dresses. Let's do something different before the rest of the world hops on the train and we're on to the next station. I just hope that station doesn't take us anywhere near some of the other hot styles that Limited Too used to carry, because frankly, I don't think I can handle anymore sweatpants with "CUTIE" on the butt.

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On my feet OVER THE ANKLE BOOTIE : so we all know that ankle booties are the new shoe of choice if we’re not rocking some OTKs (over the knee boots). Riding boots that hit right below the knee make me sad for some reason recently. I think it might be because I’ve discovered such an amazing boot option that mixes it up a bit. Sure, the ankle bootie is cute, versatile and accessible as you can and will find it in almost every boutique. But the JAAB (just above the ankle boot…yes I just made that up…unless it’s already a coined term, and in that case, sorry to the original) is a boot that says, “I want to be different, chic, but still practical. Oh, and I look great with culottes, by the way”. Right now I’m loving the pointed toe, chunky or funky heel JAAB. Be different, babes. Go get yourself a pair.

 On my neck LARIAT : the secret’s out; I’m a total fan of the boho-southwestern look. Oh wait, not s secret at all. One of my fave bloggers (Alternative Indigo / Alexis Jade Kaiser) sports this super rad style 24/7 and I can imagine dozens of her outfits that wouldn’t be complete without this new necklace trend hitting her scene. It’s the love child of a choker and a super long wrap belt. Sounds crazy, but man do I dig this look. It’s edgy while keeping it boho and are for the most part leather or suede. Usually accented with some metal end pieces or charms, they look awesome with just about any neckline and add some pizazz to an otherwise mundane outfit. Looking for the next thing in jewelry? Bored of simple long pendant necklaces or the basic bib necklaces? Me too. Jump on the rad train and try a lariat.

On my body MOCK NECK: this trend was heavy during the midst of winter, with sweaters, jackets, and layering tops. However, there’s no need to leave this trend behind when the seasons change. Try a simple ribbed mock neck tank with distressed denim shorts and a gladiator sandal. Want to wear this trend in a more formal way? There are some fabulous cocktail dresses with this neckline in all fits: shift, fit & flare, drop waist. Try a mock neck when layering under vests or kimonos in the spring, or while it’s still chilly, under your favorite leather leather jacket or oversized sweater