Well, we’re in the heat of summer (pun intended) and I’m wishing it was fall already. My love for neutrals and dark colors doesn’t change with the season, so I’m most likely wearing black, charcoal, or in this case, browns, greys and taupe.

I’m also a layering lover with no discrimination based on the season, so leave it to me to find a way to layer and still stay cool, both literally and figuratively. Try taking a lightweight dress you’ve come to find boring or been-there-worn-that and throwing a tee over it. It can be a graphic, a basic or printed top, anything works as long as you make sure your colors or prints aren’t in competition. Tie it up at your natural waist or even shrug it off your shoulder to show your dress’s strap. It’s a fun way to find your way back in love with your favorite sundress that you think you’ve worn too many times or had too many pictures snapped in it.

If you want to try this rad little trick but you’re a bit weary about being too bold or (my least favorite phrase) “not being able to pull it off”, stick to two solids, one being a neutral. Also, play around in your closet; not every combination will work, so have some fun and try different pairings.

Check out my Instagram for more #RadAroundRaleigh photos via my iPhone for the most part. Now, peep these snapshots of my most recent romp around Raleigh with the always rad CL Wilkins.

Photogtaphy: CL Wilkins | Dress, top, shoes, necklace: fab’rik Raleigh | Bag: Urban Outfitters

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