At this point you should know how much I adore alliteration and I couldn’t let this chance slip away, hence the title of this post.

It’s finally fall and as the world’s most hot natured person (yet another reason I love layering), if I’m doing long sleeves, I have to do shorts, or if I’m wearing jeans, I’ll be sporting short sleeves of some sort. Aside from the practicality of layering, it allows me to create a completely different look, vibe and outfit as a whole while using clothes I’ve worn time and time again. Unlike my last post, I’m layering underneath the main piece of my outfit. This favorite, and pretty much only romper, is one of my fall staples this year. This little denim oversized number is a Free People piece that I’ve worn numerous times with tanks and floral short sleeve tops, but now it’s getting chilly enough for a mock neck sweater tee.

My bag and shoes are my two go-to’s as of recently; I love the versatility of animal print as a neutral and the shape of this bag had my heart at hello. As for my kicks, everyone has (or needs) a pair of little white crispy sneaks. The red lips on the back are just enough funk to keep these different but totally everyday wearable with most of my outfits.

Back at it with the best photographer once again, so enjoy these photos and shop my look at the bottom of the post.

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Photography by CL Wilkins

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