And so I’m back in action!

After a brief… half year hiatus, I’m back to creating content and I’m more motivated and ready to get on it than ever. This isn’t just because, I have time now or I’ve been shopping and I’m just totally feeling myself. Rather, I’ve found that it’s important to feed my soul with creativity and basically, I just need to make stuff in order to live a happy life. Therefore, after reading Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert (in a possibly record-breaking time of, oh I don’t know, a few hours), I am back in the game and ready to create, make, and just feed my soul so I can live a creative life.

Forgive my shpeel, now to the goods. I recently linked up with my best friend, moonlighting as my bad ass photographer, Carl to make some new content. Even though it’s a beautiful springtime in North Carolina, I can’t help myself when it comes to wearing black. There’s a reason it’s my favorite wardrobe color; it just looks good, always.

Enjoy these photos, and as always, stay rad.

Photography: CL Wilkins [ @see.l ]

[ Dress: Charlotte Russe, Denim: JUST BLACK, Shoes: the Art of Style, Accessories: fab’rik Raleigh ]

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