Hey, babeland! My name is Meredith and you seem to have stumbled across The Meremaid: an ode to my personal style and all things rad.

As in any proper bio, I am a style blogger, stylist, and boutique manager just trying to STAY RAD and create things.

My style may be best described as boho with an edge, or maybe edgy with a boho twist. I like to sprinkle a some classic pieces in with my outfits, but for the most part you will always find me in something flowy, distressed, and topped with a hat. There are so many trends, trendsetters, and style icons that influence my style from day to day, so you can always expect something new when you hop on my Instagram page to check out my latest OOTD photo.

I take pride in the lower price point of most of the pieces in my wardrobe and will forever emphasize that style is never dictated by a price tag. I know outfit repeating can be seen as a violation of the unspoken style code, but I’m a firm believer in piece-repeating and recycling. I think great stylists come not from being able to buy and wear the newest looks straight from the runway, but by creating new looks from clothes you may already have. Don’t get me wrong; I love shopping as much as the next style-obsessed babe. However, I understand and respect the skill it takes to create something fresh and different from something old and overlooked.

Most of my STYLED shoots are a collaboration with my photographer and good friend CL Wilkins. If you dig creativity, clothes, and stellar style, I think you’ll be a fan of what’s going on here on The Meremaid. Stay tuned and as always…

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